Sheila Wheeler
Sheila Wheeler
Occupation Newsagent's assistant
First appearance 28th September 2009
Last appearance 9th October 2009
Number of appearances 4
Played by Janice Connolly

Sheila Wheeler was a former newsagent's assistant who was briefly employed at The Kabin in October 2009.

Following Rita Sullivan's announcement that she had booked a ticket on a round-the-world cruise, Norris Cole had advertised the vacancy for an assistant. Her introduction amused co-worker Tina McIntyre, who thought that "Sheila Wheeler" was a woman who dealt with car insurance.

Norris interviewed Sheila and, confirming from her CV that she'd previously worked at Mr Kapoor's newsagents in Levenshulme for six years (although hadn't worked for the previous twelve months due to having two knee replacements) offered her the job almost immediately. However, in the coming days he bitterly regretted his decision as Sheila's non-stop wittering got on his nerves - sometimes even refusing to serve customers until she'd finished telling an irrelevant tale.

Finally at the end of his tether, Norris had no option but to sack Sheila which, quite surprisingly rendered her speechless. With her sudden silence worrying Norris he gave her a glass of water. Telling her that it wasn't down to anything personal as such, he offered to pay her until the end of the week.

Credited simply as "Sheila", the character's surname was given in dialogue on her first appearance.

List of appearancesEdit


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