With wife Hayley refusing to come back home after another argument over her son Christian, and a telephone call from the supplier of Roy's Rolls notifying him that they weren't delivering eggs or milk until the following day, a stressed Roy Cropper went to Freshco in order to pick up the essential dairy products himself.

Inside the shop, Roy's odd behaviour was noted by Michelle Connor as he struggled to remove the packaging from a pallet containing several cartons of milk. The unnamed Shop Assistant approached Roy as he was looking for local free-range eggs. Ever the staunch environmentalist, Roy proceeded to take the eggs out of their boxes and insisted that the shop assistant went and got him a bag to put them in. With his mind clearly on other matters, Roy finally broke down as the loose eggs he was tipping into the supermarket trolley smashed all over the shop floor. Not really knowing how to handle the situation himself, the shop assistant promptly summoned the help of the security guard and the store Manager.