Shoplifter 1640
First appearance 4th October 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Hope Johnstone

The Shoplifter was at Weatherfield Magistrates Court to hear the latest case against her and sat in the foyer with Annie Walker and Bet Lynch as they prepared for the hearing to decide if Renee Bradshaw's application for an off-licence at the Corner Shop should be heard.

Annie and Bet didn't know what the shoplifter was there for and passed the time of day in conversation with her. The shoplifter said it was her first time is particular court whereas Annie told her she had been a "regular customer" there for many years. Bet asked her if she was also waiting for her solicitor but the shoplifter told her she was pleading guilty and to Annie's puzzled enquiry explained the charge that she was up for. Bet just about managed to contain the grin on her face at Annie's pursed-lipped expression...

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