Sid Altree
Sid Altree
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 2nd September 2012
Last appearance 7th April 2014
Number of appearances 6
Played by Michael J. Jackson

Sid Altree was a particularly slimy Underworld client who often acted over-flirtatious in business meetings before agreeing to an order.

Sid first met with Rob Donovan and Michelle Connor at Nick's Bistro where he flirted with Michelle and constantly complained about the food to waiter Lewis Archer. However, Michelle and Rob managed to secure a big order with Sid.

Several weeks later, Sid arranged an important meeting with Rob and arrived at Underworld. However, Rob had been locked in the back of Kirk Sutherland's van by Steve McDonald in a jealous prank, causing him to miss the meeting. When Rob finally returned, he was dismayed to learn from Michelle that Sid had already left, and arranged another meeting with Sid at a posh hotel in Sheffield in order to smooth things over. At the hotel, Sid insisted that if he is to do business with them, they must be able to get drunk together. Michelle was relieved when Sid received an urgent phone call from his wife and had to dash off.

After Rob was sacked by Carla in January 2013 for fiddling the accounts, and now in competition with Underworld, Rob met up with Sid and told him that he could undercut the factory's costings by 20% through outsourcing the work. Impressed with his business acumen, Sid gave Rob his first order.

In April 2014, Sid, unchanged in his charm, joined Carla (who was chaperoned by husband Peter Barlow) for a meeting in Nick's Bistro and later went for a drink at the Rovers where he told them how he had got one of his staff imprisoned for six months for stealing from him.

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