Sidney wilson
Sidney Wilson
First appearance 8th July 1974
Last appearance 10th July 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by John Barrard

When Norma Ford returned to the Street in July 1974 after an absence of eight months for the wedding of friend and former employer Maggie Clegg to Ron Cooke, she amazed everyone with her appearance, dressed in an expensive fur coat and with an elaborate hair-do, rather than the rather flat and insipid style she used to have. In tow with her was Sidney Wilson, a much older man than Norma, who she somewhat towered over. Everyone was agog to know the exact nature of their relationship but Norma smiled and claimed on each occasion she was asked that they were just good friends. The almost-mute Sidney proved to be just as enigmatic as his “lady friend” but it was obvious that the two were at the very least fond of each other.

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