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Simon Crowther

Simon Crowther has been a writer on Coronation Street since Episode 6453 in December 2006 and has so far scripted 176 episodes of the programme, including one double episode and one co-written with Jan McVerry . He also co-wrote the spin-off DVD Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday with Chris Fewtrell. The holder of an MA in Screenwriting and a BA in Film Studies, he has worked as a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. His previous work included writing for Hollyoaks and he is married to Kim Crowther who was the producer of the programme from 2008 to 2010 and with whom he has two young children.

Episodes written by Simon CrowtherEdit


2006 (1 episode)

2007 (17 episodes)

2008 (18 episodes)

2009 (16 episodes)


2010 (18 episodes)

2011 (21 episodes)

2012 (16 episodes)

2013 (19 episodes)

2014 (18 episodes)

2015 (22 episodes)

2016 (12 episodes)

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