Simon Lacy (born 5th April 1971 in Wakefield) appeared on Coronation Street in August 2005 as Lee, boyfriend of vet Tim White. Lee's arrival at Valandro's devastated Sean Tully, who then realised that Tim had been two-timing him.

His other credits include roles in Cause and Effect, Crimewatch, Follow On, Sci Fi Lounge, Strictly Confidential and Emmerdale, as well as the films Signs of Life and Sea of Madness. He also produced the 2001 short film entitled Jack & Jill's Christmas.

On stage he has appeared in productions including Merry Wives of Windsor, Vanity Fair, Who Knows, Freak Out, Ripping Yarns, Robin Hood and the Silver Arrow, Aladdin and the Genies, The Airloom, Too Cool for School, Somebody's Son and The Land of Nod.