Simon Lodge
Simon Lodge
Occupation Articled Clerk
First appearance 15th September 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Salthouse

Simon Lodge was an articled clerk employed the firm of Robson and Renshaw who were appointed by Renee Bradshaw to process her application for an off-premises licence for the sale of alcoholic goods from the Corner Shop. Annie Walker was a vehement opponent of the application and put in a formal objection. Lodge called into the Rovers and asked for a glass of wine but Annie lied that her supplies had been drunk dry the evening before and he opted for half a bitter instead. Lodge reported this to Renee as he enquired after the petition she was running and told her that the lack of choice in the pub would be of help to her in her winning her case.

Later on, Terry Bradshaw let slip in the pub who Lodge was. Annie accused Renee of sending in spies and banned Renee from the Rovers. Renee retaliated by banning Annie from the Corner Shop.

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