Simone Walsh was a mediator who visited 8 Coronation Street in November 2006 to hold counselling sessions with the Platt family. Simone encouraged each family member - Gail, Sarah, David and Audrey Roberts to introduce themselves and asked them to define their individual roles within the family unit. With the session progressing in a fairly controlled manner - except for minor outbursts and sarcastic comments from David, everyone was stunned when he admitted to not liking himself and wishing he were someone else.

The next meeting didn't go smoothly - Sarah chose not to show up, the others sat around the kitchen table bickering and Gail accused her mother of not taking the sessions seriously. Appearing that no progress was being made, Simone suggested that Gail should sign up for parenting classes.

Credited as "Mediator", the character's full name was given in dialogue.