Simpson & simpson estate agents

1991: Mike confronts Mr Simpson about the slashed duvet

Simpson & Simpson Estate Agents was a Weatherfield-based firm in operation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Much of their business was conducted by Mr Simpson, presumably in partnership with a family member.

Among the properties whose sales were handled by Simpson & Simpson were 11 Coronation Street in 1989, 1 Coronation Street in 1990, and 3 Coronation Street and 17 Elmgate Gardens in 1991. The former resulted in a quick sale after Jim and Liz McDonald saw an advert for the house in the estate agent's window. No.1's sale to Newton & Ridley fell through after the brewery's plans to turn the adjoining Rovers Return into a theme pub were cancelled, while the latter two were taken off the market by the sellers Emily Bishop and Jackie Ingram respectively.

In February 1991, Mike Baldwin called at the estate agent to demand an explanation for his partner Jackie's bedroom duvet being slashed, assuming that the deed had been done during a viewing at 17 Elmgate Gardens. Mr Simpson gave Mike a description of Alma Sedgewick, Mike's former lover who had been dumped for Jackie some months earlier. Out of guilt for the way he'd treated Alma, Mike decided not to call the police.

The estate agent shop was seen in Episode 3184 (6th February 1991).

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