Sister coles
Sister Coles
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 2nd February 1987
Last appearance 4th February 1987
Number of appearances 2
Played by Heather Williams

Sister Coles was one of the medical team who cared for Gail Tilsley when she went in to labour with Sarah Louise a month prematurely in February 1987. Coles flitted between the maternity unit and the waiting room, updating Audrey Roberts, Ian Latimer and Ivy Tilsley who were eagerly awaiting news of Gail. Noticing Ian's swollen lip, Coles offered to have a doctor look at it but Ian dismissed it as a disagreement with a door and accepted an offer for a cup of tea from her instead (in fact, Brian Tilsley had punched Ian during an argument, bringing on Gail's early labour).

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