Sister Radford
Sister Radford
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 18th March 1994
Last appearance 21st March 1994
Number of appearances 2
Played by Nimmy March

Sister Radford was the senior nurse at the children's ward at Weatherfield General when Sarah Louise Platt was a patient in March 1994. Radford had to cope with a lack of doctors visiting the ward and trainee nurse Martin Platt made her job more difficult by focusing too much on Sarah, his daughter. When Radford tackled Martin about this, he accused her of spending too much time on paperwork although they later called a truce and agreed that the stress of overwork was getting to them.

Radford ran a tight ship, and was strict with the parents as well as the children. When it was time for Sarah to rest, Radford enforced it despite Gail Platt wanting more time with her.

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