On a Saturday match day in November 1971, four Skinheads came into the Rovers with some of them being supporters of Weatherfield County FC. They unnerved some of the regulars with Minnie Caldwell commenting that their shortened hair was once normal for men whereas Ena Sharples countered that men in the old days didn’t wear the threatening boots that these lads did. She also took Betty Turpin to task for serving them but the unfazed barmaid said that Cyril Turpin had taught her some judo moves that she could use on them.

The lads stayed in the pub and got rowdier as the day went on with Arthur setting fire to Knocker’s County rosette. Betty asked them to leave and when they looked as if they were going to cause trouble Len Fairclough, Ray Langton and Alf Roberts saw them off.

Although there were four characters, only two were speaking parts. They were credited as just “Skinheads” on the episode but named in TV Times as "First Skinhead Arthur" (David Lincoln) and "Second Skinhead Knocker" (Trevor Lawrence). “Knocker” was also named in dialogue.