Small boy 925
Small Boy
First appearance 5th November 1969
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mark Lilley

The Small Boy had his right hand bandaged by Doctor Matthews in a Lake District hospital in 1969. Following the hospitalisation of most of the Street's residents after a coach crash, Ena Sharples was summoned to the Casualty department to discuss Minnie Caldwell's condition and found the Doctor treating the boy. As he finished the bandage, the Doctor told the boy that he looked like Captain Hook with his dressings on and then sent him away with a nurse.

As the boy was led out of the department, Ena stopped him to ask what he'd been doing to injure his hand. The Doctor interrupted that he had been "trying to use a firework as a tommy gun". Ena told the boy he wanted putting in a bag and shaking up. She was shocked to learn from Doctor Matthews that he wasn't the first child to have started Bonfire Night celebrations early and more were expected. The Doctor told Ena that if she was planning to let off any fireworks tonight to celebrate Minnie's recovery, she mustn't hold them in her hand. The boy dutifully agreed.

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