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Social Worker 8052
Social Worker
Occupation Social Worker
First appearance 1st February 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Deborah Brian

The unnamed Social Worker met Tyrone Dobbs at the Cragg Street Children's Contact Centre in February 2013 for a supervised visit to see his daughter Ruby Soames. Tyrone had been falsely accused by his girlfriend, and Ruby’s mother, Kirsty of assault and he had been arrested and was awaiting trial. Kirsty rang the centre and lied, telling them that Ruby had a temperature and was too ill to see Tyrone. The Social Worker apologised to an incensed Tyrone for his wasted journey, telling him that Ruby could only be made available when his mother decreed that she was fit to do so, which as Tyrone said, would be the twelfth of never.

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