Social Worker 8691
Social Worker
First appearance 23rd July 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Arinder Sadhra

The Social Worker attended a police interview when underage Simon Barlow had to give a witness statement. He along with his stepmother Leanne Tilsley and Liz McDonald were held hostage by deranged brewery rep Dan Jones. Leanne had revealed to Liz that Dan had been one of her clients in her days as a prostitute and, as Liz was in a relationship with him, she kicked him into touch in front of his daughter and his boss. Dan lost his job and Lucy's love and took his anger out on the two women. Liz and Simon managed to get out of the flat and Leanne talked Dan round by pointing out that his daughter would have to visit him in prison if he didn't see sense. She then managed to escape and the police arrested Dan soon afterwards.

Dan had enjoyed telling Simon that his mother used to be on the game and he was devastated by the revelation. He was sullen when he was taken to the police station but the social worker told Leanne that he had done well and that he was a very impressive young man. Simon could hardly look Leanne in the face and, knowing the facts of the case, the sympathetic worker told Leanne that the worst was behind her.

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