The unnamed Social Worker conducted an interview with Fiz Brown regarding the welfare of her brother Chesney who had been taken into care and placed with a Foster Parent. The social worker had been in contact with Fiz and Chesney's mother Cilla Battersby-Brown - who had agreed to Fiz becoming Chesney's guardian, but she pointed out that it would be a big responsibility.

It was decided (subject to procedural checks) that Chesney would be moving into Fiz's flat, but upon learning that there would be no room for Schmeichel, Chesney begged Fiz to move back into 5 Coronation Street.

The social worker called round to No.5 to carry out an inspection of the house, chatted to both Fiz and Kirk Sutherland and was satisfied that Chesney would be safe and happy living back at home with these new arrangements in place. Chesney was brought back later the same day.