Solicitor 7833
First appearance 30th March 2012
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nigel Boyle

The unnamed Solicitor was consulted by David and Kylie Platt in March 2012, one year after David's gran, Audrey Roberts, had signed her salon over to him to avoid inheritance tax. Twelve months later, she changed her mind, wanting to sell to raise the money to go round the world with Lewis Archer. David opposed the move and found himself locked out of the premises when Audrey changed the locks. He and Kylie visited the solicitor and told him the facts of the matter. Looking over them, he told them that Audrey had acted rashly as the share transfer would have been registered at Companies House and then heard that David had been removed from the business accounts. He offered to write a letter outlining David's legal position but warned him that it could mean the loss of all goodwill between the two parties. David told him he was done playing Mr. Nice Guy and told him to proceed.

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