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Sonia forrester
Sonia Forrester
Residence Bramhall
First appearance 8th May 1978
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sylvia Coleridge

Mrs Sonia Forrester was a well-to-do lady who struck up a conversation with Annie Walker on the plane back from Jersey after visiting her son Billy in May 1978. Annie wanted to impress Bramhall-dwelling Mrs Forrester and offered her a lift home in her Rover driven by her “chauffeur” Frederick. However the car had been stolen by Batesey, a gatecrasher at a party held at No. 11 and Fred had no option but to collect Annie in Len Fairclough’s transit van. Mrs Forrester declined the offer of a lift and took a taxi instead. Annie, not for the first time, was unimpressed with Fred...

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