Sonia price
Sonia Price
Occupation Instructor
First appearance 9th March 1981
Last appearance 15th April 1981
Number of appearances 8
Played by Bridget Brice

Sonia Price was a young woman who in March 1981 started teaching yoga and beauty classes at the Community Centre. She was a little embarrassed on meeting development officer Ken Barlow as she realised she'd been calling him Mr. Farlow in their earlier correspondences but this enabled them to start their working relationship on a light-hearted note. Sonia quickly showed an interest in seeing more of Ken, inviting him to come along with her to Mike Baldwin's flat-warming. Ken happily agreed, but Sonia then became aware of Ken's on-off relationship with Deirdre Langton and at the party ended up dancing with Mike and then going off with him and the other party-goers to the Panda Club. Ken and Deirdre, as the only ones who stayed behind, used this time alone to patch up their relationship and they were married four months later.

Sonia and Mike hit it off, and within a few short weeks Mike devised a plan to get Sonia to stay over at his flat by getting too drunk to drive her home after making dinner for her. To his chagrin, his dad Frankie showed up unexpectedly, and Sonia ended up going home in a taxi. The couple then did the same the next night - only for Frankie to show up again having missed his train to London!

Sonia was apparently still going out with Mike in December 1981 as it was her illness that meant Mike instead asked Sylvie Hicks to make up a foursome with him and a client at a business dinner.

Mavis Riley was Sonia's model at the beauty class.

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