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Sonia Rahman
Sonia Rahman
Residence 6 Coronation Street
Spouse(s) Tariq Rahman
First appearance 22nd August 2016
Number of appearances 10
Played by Sudha Bhuchar

Sonia Rahman is an old friend of the Nazir family, who embarked on a seven-year affair with Sharif Nazir.

Sonia turned up on the Nazirs' doorstep while Sharif and his wife Yasmeen were holding 45th wedding anniversary celebrations. It transpired that Sonia's husband Tariq had thrown her out of their marital home, suspicious that she didn't love him any more. Despite Sharif ordering her to leave fearing that she would to reveal all, Yasmeen on the other hand, reassured her friend that she could stay with them for as long as she needed to. Sonia then promised Sharif she wouldn't say anything about their sordid history, and is currently still living with the family.

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