Sonia Webb
Sonia Webb
Occupation Businesswoman
First appearance 5th October 2015
Number of appearances 1
Played by Cally Lawrence

Sonia Webb was a potential client of Underworld who Carla Connor had tried to sell to on several previous occasions but she had been unable to interest her in their wares. Carla, with Aidan Connor in tow, met her in the Rovers where Sonia, after declaring that the knicker line had less fabric than a sparrow's hankie, asked Carla how she had got on with making up the prototype of a wonderbra design she had given her. Carla displayed the finished item which pleased both Sonia and also Liz McDonald who was allowed to give the goods the once over. Sonia tried the item on in the pub toilets and insisted on wearing it as she walked up the street back to the factory to fully test it. She declared it good enough and that they had a contract. She refused to stay behind for a glass of champagne to celebrate the deal though, declaring that she far preferred a cup of tea.

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