Sonographer (Alexandra Btesh)
First appearance 28th April 2008
Last appearance 31st October 2016
Number of appearances 3
Played by Alexandra Btesh

The unnamed Sonographer at Weatherfield General carried out examinations of three expectant residents of Coronation Street: in April 2008 she conducted a scan of Maria Connor's baby when the alarm had been raised that the child wasn't moving. She confirmed the sad result that the baby was indeed stillborn.

Events took a happier turn two years later in April 2010 when the scan of Molly Dobbs's baby showed that it was alive and well and, as a result of Tyrone's excited enquiries, she was able to confirm that the child was a boy.

In October 2016, Leanne Battersby was in attendance with her partner Nick Tilsley for her twenty-week scan. All appeared well with the fetus and the sonographer was once again able to tell the couple she was pretty certain that the child was a boy.

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