Sonographer 5584
First appearance 17th September 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dystin Johnson

When Tracy Preston used the "date-rape" drug rohypnol on Roy Cropper at Peter Barlow's wedding in July 2003 to get him into bed and thus win a bet with Bev Unwin, the shy café owner was devastated. He confessed his "sin" to wife Hayley who supported him until she found out that Tracy was pregnant. Their marriage reached a brink and only survived when Roy attempted suicide and Hayley saved him. Hearing that Tracy was intent on aborting the baby and unable to have children of their own, the Croppers offered to buy the child off Tracy who agreed in return for the sum of £20,000. Not trusting Tracy an inch, when they heard that she was going for her first scan, Roy demanded he accompany her to make sure that a baby really was on the way and she reluctantly agreed. When there and whilst being prepared for the scan, Tracy had a strange request to make to the Sonographer at Weatherfield General - that she divulge no information to Roy such as conception dates. Roy was delighted and overcome when he saw the image of the foetus on the screen. Later events showed why Tracy had made her request - Roy was not the father of the child but Steve McDonald was, and Tracy was merely conning the money out of the Croppers.

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