Sonographer (Rachael Black)
First appearance 26th August 2011
Last appearance 4th March 2016
Number of appearances 4
Played by Rachael Black

The unnamed Sonographer carried out Katy Armstrong's 20-week pregnancy scan in August 2011. Katy was happy to be told that the baby was perfectly fine but could develop Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disease which was carried by Katy's sister Izzy Armstrong. This worried Katy and her boyfriend Chesney.

When a pregnant Tracy Barlow collapsed in October 2011, she was advised by sonographer Marcus Dent to go for a scan. At Weatherfield General, the sonographer told her and the father Steve McDonald that Tracy was carrying twins.

In December 2012, Tina McIntyre attended the hospital in the early stages of her surrogate pregnancy. Gary Windass, Izzy Armstrong and Tommy Duckworth were all in attendance. The group were informed that although it was early days, everything seemed to be normal and Tina was given two sets of scan photographs to take away.

The sonographer next saw Sarah Platt in March 2016. After confirming that the baby was a good size with a strong heartbeat, she then told Sarah and Gail Rodwell that the unborn child was a boy.

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