Children A son
First appearance 24th April 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Frank Crompton

The Spectator was a mysterious figure who observed a local football match between the boys of Bessie Street School and Regent's Road from the sidelines in 1972. While watching the game, he briefly questioned Bessie Street reserve Terry Bates about his nervousness about joining the game. The spectator told the boy that he should be nervous if the feeling was there.

The sight of the unfamiliar older gentleman standing alone at the playing fields drew the attention of Albert Tatlock, who suspected that he was a scout from Weatherfield County FC. To satisfy his curiosity, Albert went over to question him. The spectator readily told Albert his story - that his son had once been set for a career in football, but had gone off the game at twelve. After hearing that his son was due to marry in October, a sympathetic Albert suggested that perhaps he would have a lad of his own.

The unnamed spectator was played by Frank Crompton, who first appeared in the recurring role of Mayor Harold Chapman thirteen episodes later, in Episode 1187 (31st May 1972).

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