Sportman's Arms

The Sportman’s Arms is an isolated pub on the Keb’s Road, high in the Pennines above Todmorden. It is one of the highest pubs in Yorkshire (beaten only by the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Britain situated in the Yorkshire Dales) standing some 1400 feet on the edge of Stansfield Moor. It was here in January 1997 that a somewhat-smitten Sean Skinner went walking with Samantha Failsworth, insisting that he loved fell-walking and telling Des Barnes that he’d had experience of trekking such high surroundings in Holland.

With thick snow on the ground, Sean hated the harsh conditions and was delighted to come upon the pub, only to discover it was closed. The day wasn’t entirely wasted though as he and Sam sat outside the premises and swapped their life stories, getting to know each other better in the process.

Not noted in the dialogue, the pub sign was seen in the programme as Sean and Sam approached it and then sat outside talking.

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