Stacey Bigsby
Stacey Bigsby
Occupation Fashion model
First appearance 20th October 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by Candy McCulloch

Stacey Bigsby was Rosie Webster's rival when she embarked on a trip to London as part of her modelling career. After Stacey shared a kiss with their agent Jeff Cullen, Rosie blackmailed him into giving her a top job modelling on Lorraine by threatening to reveal the fling to his girlfriend. Stacey was left puzzled when Jeff gave Rosie the job instead of her. Jeff consoled her by offering her a job on the show too. When Stacey appeared on live television, Rosie made a scene by attacking her and ripping her hat off, causing her to be pulled away by security guards. Jeff fired Rosie for the incident. However, she was asked to appear on Loose Women and Rosie agreed to work for Jeff again with a pay rise.

Several weeks later, Rosie saw Stacey and Jeff together in Nick's Bistro on Viaduct Street. Rosie was shocked to discover that Jeff had secured Stacey a top job in a TV commercial on Lorraine.

Originally created as a character for Rosie's spin-off series "Just Rosie", Stacey also appeared in Episode 7717.

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