Stacy Kingsbury
Stacy Kingsbury
First appearance 3rd March 2003
Last appearance 3rd March 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Stevie Jones

Stacy Kingsbury was a short-term childhood friend of Rosie Webster and was involved in one of the elder Webster sibling's first acts of teenage rebellion. Going to another friend’s birthday party and waiting for Stacy’s dad to pick them up from 13 Coronation Street, Rosie and Stacy donned make-up, lip-gloss and cropped tops showing a bare midriff. While Sally kept her composure, father Kevin was livid and angrily ordered them upstairs and to “get that muck” off their faces. Rosie indulged in the decade-old tradition observed by teenage girls everywhere of storming out of the room in a strop, telling her oil-covered father to get clean of his own muck. Rosie and friend came back downstairs in frumpy clothes and no make-up but as soon as they were in the back of Mr Kingsbury’s car, they divested themselves of their clothing and displayed their original choice of apparel underneath as they were whisked off to their party.

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