Staff nurse newton
Occupation Staff nurse
First appearance 4th September 1989
Last appearance 6th September 1989
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sally Sheridan

Staff Nurse Newton tended to Sally Webster during her stay in Weatherfield General when she broke her ankle in September 1989. Sally had persuaded Mark Casey to take her on some practice runs in a banger car at the High Edge Raceway, but she got fed up of waiting for Mark as he chatted up a girl. Sally drove the car on her own - which went out of control and crashed. Newton let Kevin keep Sally company in the ward after hours as long as he didn't wake any other patients. The friendly nurse later exchanged banter with Sally and her friends, turning down an offer of a chocolate as she would pile on the pounds.

Credited as "Nurse". The character's surname was given on her nurse ID.

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