Stanley Kershaw
Stanley Kershaw
Occupation Underworld Customer
First appearance 9th May 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robin Polley

Stanley Kershaw, otherwise known as "Paranoid Stanley" was a customer of Underworld who was worried that after the severe fire on its premises in March 2004, that the work he was paying for to be carried out wouldn't be completed. He visited the newly-refurbished factory in May and refused to place another order as the gossip in the rag trade was that Mike Baldwin was about to go bankrupt and it was only work from Penny King that was keeping him from going under. Mike was trying to invite him for a slap-up meal when Penny herself barged into to office, confirming the gossip in Stanley's eyes that Mike was on the precipice of ruin. He walked out and Mike tore a strip off a puzzled and angry Penny.

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