The Station Sergeant manned the desk at Weatherfield Police Station in 1988 and 1990.

In the early hours of Christmas Day 1988, Ken Barlow arrived at the station with Tracy to report Deirdre Barlow missing. The bearded sergeant took some details but when Ken admitted that he and Deirdre had argued that evening, the officer opined that she was probably with a friend. His suggestion was not well received by Ken, who was adamant that he'd checked everywhere. Deirdre turned up at 1 Coronation Street a few hours later, having escaped from Brian Roscoe's flat.

Over a year later, the sergeant informed Don Brennan that he would be questioned regarding an assault on a young lad, Joe Egerton. Don had been brought to the station along with Joe when the police interrupted a scuffle between the pair. Don didn't realise at first that he was in trouble, having cornered Joe to force an admission that he'd committed a hit and run while driving Don's stolen taxi, and remarked when the sergeant was checking over Joe's head injury that he hadn't meant to hurt the lad. As a PC went off to the interview room to question Don, the sergeant remarked that if he remained friendly he'd probably get an admission of assault. Don was subsequently charged but breathed a sigh of relief a few days later when the sergeant informed him that Joe and a friend had confessed to stealing the taxi and the hit and run. He expressed his relief that it was all over, only for the sergeant to correct him - he would still have to appear at the Magistrate's Court for assault.

Later that year, the sergeant took a complaint from Ken Barlow that he had been threatened by Phil Jennings and a heavy, Benny.

The character was credited as "Police Sergeant" in Episode 2894, and "Station Sergeant" thereafter.

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