Stella randell
Stella Randell
Occupation Club owner
First appearance 10th May 1971
Last appearance 7th June 1971
Number of appearances 5
Played by Pearl Catlin

Stella Randell was the owner of the Carousel Club when it opened its doors in May 1971. She spent £30,000 on doing the club up, money which had come from her divorce from her bookie husband.

Elsie Howard went for a job there as bar manager and cited her previous employment at the Orinoco Club but she was too much like Stella for her liking. She told Elsie outright that any manager she took on would be a fellah. She gave complimentary tickets to the opening night to Len Fairclough and Ray Langton but she thoroughly perplexed the two builders by taking a real shine to Stan Ogden! As well as being the owner, Stella was also a singer and got up on stage herself to belt out some numbers such as Blue Moon and The Shadow of Your Smile. Stan told her that he was once in the music business but panicked when she pushed him over to the piano to play and spluttered out that he got someone else to put the tunes down (this being a reference to Stan's scam on club singer Mickie Malone).

A few weeks later, Ray Langton had a business meeting with Mel Ryan at the Carousel and tried to impress him to bringing along Irma Barlow as his date and having Irma pretend to be French. Ray introduced Irma to Stella as "Irma Barlot" from Paris, which interested Stella as she'd done a club tour there. Disaster ensued when Mel arrived and with his date - Francoise Dubois, a real French woman. Irma had a torturous evening with Francoise asking her questions (in French!) and had to try not to spoil Ray's deal with Mel, however when Ray realised he was being used he went for Mel and Irma ended up fighting with Francoise. Stella saw this happening but couldn't do anything. She billed Ray £50 for damages.

Four months later, Ray bumped into Stella again and tried to arrange with Jerry Booth and Len Fairclough to go to the club but they were more concerned with Jerry's upcoming appearance in court over his assault of Jim Stoker.

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