Stephanie Beacham was born 28th February, 1947 in Barnet. She is an English actress who played Martha Fraser in Coronation Street. Prior to her spell on the Street, Stephanie had played many major roles in television in both the UK and US including as Rose Millar in Tenko, the title role of Connie in the 1980s ITV serial, Sable Colby in both Dynasty and The Colbys, the more prosaic role of Mrs Peacock in Cluedo, as Dr Kristin Westphalen in Seaquest 2032, Iris Mackay in Beverley Hills 90210 and Phylida Oswin in Bad Girls. In addition she appeared in numerous fims especially in the 1960s/1970s "Hammer Horror" genre including Dracula AD 1972, House of Mortal Sin and Inseminoid.

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