Stephen Bowyer
Stephen Bowyer
Occupation Police officer
First appearance 17th April 2013
Last appearance 19th April 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Dana Haqjoo

Stephen Bowyer was a police officer working with the child protection unit who investigated an allegation made by Faye Windass that her adoptive mother Anna, frequently hit her. The background to the complaint was that Faye had recently started to make contact with her birth father, Tim Metcalfe, who she had not seen since she was two years old. Anna and her partner Owen Armstrong didn't approve of the relationship, partly due to the fact that he was easy-going with the rebellious child, leaving Anna in the main to enforce the discipline in her life. When Anna reacted badly and refused to allow Faye any further contact, Faye made the allegation to headmaster Brian Packham.

The first Anna knew of this development was when Stephen called at 6 Coronation Street with social worker Nicola Waite. She was stunned to her about Faye's accusation and that the child was being taken away from them while they investigated the matter, including a doctor's examination. Anna was left with no option but to agree otherwise she risked Faye being permanently put into council care. Nicola agreed that Faye could stay with Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong overnight and Anna packed a bag for her that Nicola and Stephen took away.

The next day, Izzy took Faye to Weatherfield Police Station to be interview by Stephen under Nicola's supervision. Faye was afraid that Anna could go to prison and tearfully broke down, admitting that she made the entire story up. Her motive was to have social services allow her to live with Tim and she gave no thought to any other consequences.

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