Stephen Butcher (born 23rd February, 1946) is a former Coronation Street director, he completed three stints on the programme between July 1973 and January 1984, , April to June 1992 and November 1999 completing 85 episodes in total, two of them co-directed with Laurence Moody.

He has an extensive background in soap opera, having directed episodes of Emmerdale, Crossroads, EastEnders, Families, Eldorado and Fair City but also directed episodes of Sam, Crown Court, Mixed Blessings and was producer of First Sight and Undertow of the Armada.

Episodes directed by Stephen ButcherEdit


1973 (14 episodes)

1974 (4 episodes)

1975 (2 episodes)

1976 (4 episodes)

1977 (8 episodes)

1978 (8 episodes)

1979 (2 episodes)


1980 (18 episodes)

1981 (4 episodes)

1982 (2 episodes)

1983 (4 episodes)

1984 (2 episodes)


1992 (9 episodes)

1999 (4 episodes)

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