Stephen Charlton was a member of the tenants association at Quebec House, Weatherfield Quays in 1990.

When the residents started having problems with their appliances, Stephen investigated the matter with chairperson Geraldine Crawshaw. Working under the theory that someone was using unsuppressed electrical equipment, contrary to their tenancy agreement, Stephen spoke to the various flat residents to determine which one was culprit. The guilty party was Mike Baldwin, who was operating an industrial sewing machine at No.6 to make up travel bags for Peter Ingram, who had given him an order unaware that Mike had sold his factory Baldwin's Casuals. Encountering Mike and Alma Sedgewick outside the building while walking his dog, Stephen told Mike about the problem, remarking that it was just the sort of thing that he came to the area to avoid, but Mike didn't own up. Clearly suspecting Mike, Stephen vowed to sniff out the perpetrator and confront him in his own lair.

Later that day, Stephen and Geraldine called at Mike's flat and caught him using the sewing machine. After being read the riot act by Geraldine, an unconcerned Mike told them to either help out or leave. Annoyed at his indifference, Stephen called Mike a very unpleasant little man, bringing out Mike's temper, but Geraldine ushered him out of the flat before things got heated. Afterwards, Mike was served with notice to to quit making the bags in the flat, but legal proceedings were slow enough for him to complete the order. However, to be on the safe side, when he got another order he moved operations to Alma's old flat.