Steve led the parenting classes at the Weatherfield Community Centre which Gail Platt attended in November 2006. The classes had been recommended to Gail by mediator Simone Walsh, who had visited with the Platt family earlier in the month.

The session got underway with an ice-breaking exercise whereby the group members had to communicate how they were feeling - but using sounds as opposed to using words. The Support Worker kicked off the exercise but soon picked on an embarrassed Gail to go next after nobody else volunteered to put themselves forward. She was picked again to participate in a role-play exercise with another group member called Eddie.

Returning home, Gail told children Sarah and David of how "vile" the experience had been, but vowed to continue with the classes for as long as it took to be able to get through to David.

Credited as "Support Worker", the character wore a name badge which gave his first name as "Steve".