Edgar Stratford-Johns, (22nd September 1925 - 29th January 2002), was a South Africa-born actor who appeared on Coronation Street in October 1961 as Mr. Powell, a frequent guest at the Cresta Hotel on the Isle of Man.

A career as a major television actor followed just three months later when he became a household name in the part of Detective Inspector Charlie Barlow in Z Cars and a variety of spin-off series including Softly, Softly and Barlow at Large.

He initially worked as an accountant but changed occupation after being involved in amateur dramatics. He moved to the UK in 1948 and worked at repertory theatre in Southend-on-Sea for almost five years. He also appeared on stage in London, including the Royal Court Theatre and had a role in the classic Ealing comedy The Ladykillers.

On television he also appeared in Boyd Q.C., Armchair Theatre, Knight Errant Limited, Skyport, Maigret, The Avengers, I, Claudius, Play for Today, Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years, Doctor Who, Union Castle, Boon and Heartbeat.

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