Cars 2
The Great British Dunk Off
ITV release date 5th February 2014
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Stripper
Next episode The Switch


The executive management of Street Cars are in bitter dispute. Lloyd, attired in his lucky shirt, is off on a date with Andrea Beckett but Norris Cole has demanded a taxi to take him to a dance in Oldham and there are no drivers available until Fat Brenda's shift starts. Lloyd absolutely refuses to delay his date to take the fare and he and Steve decide there is only one answer - a Dunk Off.

The two combatants choose their weapons: Lloyd goes for the tried and tested jam ring while Steve's choice is a chocolate hob nob. They dunk their biscuits in their tea, suspending them in the brew for several tense seconds and withdraw. Steve thinks he has won as his biscuit appears to be one solid entity but suddenly a half falls off and splatters onto the floor. He has no choice but to take the fare leaving Lloyd laughing as he sits in the chair to drink his tea, only for his soaked biscuit to break in half and fall onto his lucky shirt...