Cars 4
The Showdown
ITV release date 12th February 2014
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Switch
Next episode None


Steve and Lloyd are in competition as to who can do the best Chewbacca impression by the method of gargling, which Imogen is unable to judge as she has never seen Star Wars. Fat Brenda has returned from her skiing holiday which she thoroughly enjoyed, despite the avalanche, and Imogen and Nigel are going to see a vampire film that night. Her plans are thrown into disarray however when she receives a text from her boyfriend dumping her and thus confirming her worst fears as he has been vile to her for days, just as she was bewailing to her mother the night before. Steve and Lloyd are outraged by this display of ungentlemanly conduct and ring the chap to give him a taste of their mind and challenging him outright. Their bravado is cut short however when Imogen tells them that Nigel is a nickname after the boxer Nigel Benn although his preferred martial art is cage-fighting. Soon afterwards they hear the arrival of a car and, unable to lock the front door, they wait for their doom. However, an avenging angel is at hand in the form of Fat Brenda who is close behind him and shows him her superior combat skills on the street outside in defence of her daughter. The two lads hide their relief, confident in their newly-restored ability to have seen him off. Their display of Kung-Fu skills disappear though when Fat Brenda walks into the cab office and stares down her colleagues imperiously...



  • Fat Brenda was heard outside the cab office and seen as just her moon boots walking inside.

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