Cars 1
The Stripper
ITV release date 3rd February 2014
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode None
Next episode The Great British Dunk Off


It's a quiet but rainy day in the Street Cars office. Lloyd peruses the Weatherfield Gazette while Steve lounges in the chair. The radio blares away the weather news and then plays a request from Mr L Clark of St Andrews for David Rose's tune The Stripper. Steve and Lloyd make a cup of tea to the record but the hot brew scalds Steve's mouth and at the climax of their impromptu routine he jams his hand in the doors of the enquiry window hatch...



  • This episode was made without any dialogue. It was based on the famous Breakfast Sketch on The Morecambe and Wise Show first broadcast on BBC1 on 19th April 1976 which was itself lifted from an earlier edition of The Benny Hill Show. A none-too-subtle pointer to its origins is given to viewers in the front-page headline of the Weatherfield Gazette which reads "Weatherfield and Morecambe wise up to the new motorway".

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