Cars 3
The Switch
ITV release date 10th February 2014
Writer Chris Fewtrell
Director Alan Toner
Previous episode The Great British Dunk Off
Next episode The Showdown


Steve and Lloyd enter the Street Cars office in some trepidation: Steve has overslept by forty-five minutes and is consequently very late in relieving Fat Brenda from the switch. However a surprise awaits them as in place of their gargantuan colleague, a bubbly young girl called Imogen is at the desk and she introduces herself as the daughter of Fat Brenda, or "Fab" Brenda as the two lads quickly correct themselves. They are somewhat surprised to find that Brenda is on an unannounced skiing holiday in Val d'Isere that she won at bingo and Imogen offers her services during her absence. The lads accept and they get to know each other but Steve is uncomfortable when Imogen asks him for the truth about an encounter between him and her mum at a Christmas do that involved mistletoe, tinsel and possibly squirty cream. Lloyd is delighted at this revelation or, "the gift that keeps on giving" as he calls it. Even when Imogen departs after being picked up by her boyfriend, Nigel, Lloyd insists that Steve spills the beans and he does so with two caveats: he was single and extremely drunk at the time. What happened was...


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