Stu 1985
First appearance 18th February 1985
Last appearance 20th February 1985
Number of appearances 2
Played by Martin Sadofski

Stu and his friend Scotty were two young thugs who looked up old schoolfriend Kevin Webster and drank with him one dinnertime in the Rovers Return. They boasted that they’d not had a job since leaving Greenbank School and that they were looking up all of their old classmates to see what they had made of themselves. They sneered at Kevin’s vocation of being a mechanic, saying it was making him brain-dead. They then further showed their charm when Scotty sneered at Wilf Starkey for spending his life serving behind a bar and offered him just £2.00 for £2.31 requested for their three pints. Kevin paid the remainder, pointing out that this was his regular pub which earned further derision from the two lads. They later turned their sights on Curly Watts who easily batted off their insults. When it came to chucking-out time, they “accidentally” smashed a glass and stole five bottles of ale which had been left unattended on the bar.

The next day they returned and Scotty paid for another round of drinks with a note from which Bet Lynch deducted the price of the smashed glass and the ales. Scotty threatened Bet but she put on a convincing show of being able to defend herself with karate and both Scotty and Stu ran for it, earning Bet a round of applause from the regulars.

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