Stuart Fletcher
Stuart Fletcher
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 18th December 2002
Last appearance 3rd February 2003
Number of appearances 2
Played by Russell Richardson

Stuart Fletcher was the owner of the eponymous clothing business Fletchers who was a customer of Underworld. Joe Carter carried out initial negotiations with Stuart while owner Mike Baldwin was on holiday. Upon his return in December 2002, Mike interrupted Joe and Stuart closing the deal in the Rovers, referred to Joe as his “assistant” and handed over a twenty pound note with orders to get the drinks in. Joe was humiliated as Mike closed the deal and asked why he had behaved the way he had, only to be told, “My business, my money.”

Nevertheless, Stuart was impressed with Joe, especially when the large order was completed a couple of days early in the following February and he offered Joe a job working for him as manager of a large factory. This finally made Mike realise that he had an asset on his hands with Joe and he drunkenly offered him a partnership and managing control of Underworld.

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