Sue Hodgkins
Sue Hodgkins
Occupation Food bank assistant
First appearance 25th July 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Melanie Ash

Sue Hodgkins was the assistant at a food bank which was used by Anna Windass when she and her family hit desperate times. Her partner Owen Armstrong's financial affairs had nose-dived since he became involved in the dealings of crooked builder Pat Phelan and he was facing bankruptcy.

Anna was mortified at having to turn to such means and asked the sympathetic Sue what the three days' supply that she would be given would be wrapped in. Sue assured her that they would be in ordinary carrier bags and no one would know she was using the facility. She saw that Anna was on the point of breaking down and made her sit and have a coffee with her. Anna told Sue that she had had to make a choice between paying urgent bills or buying food and wondered aloud what sort of mother she was. Sue assured her that many were in the same boat and there was no shame in being in her position.

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