Sue Silcock
Father Tommy Silcock
First appearance 5th June 1972
Last appearance 21st June 1972
Number of appearances 6
Played by Angela Scoular

Sue Silcock was the gregarious daughter of Silcock's Shirts owner Tommy Silcock.

When Fairclough and Langton started a job at Silcock's in June 1972, the sight of Sue and her yellow convertible was much appreciated by lothario Ray Langton, who frequently left his post to flirt with her. Accustomed to come-ons from the men on site, Sue gave Ray the runaround, resulting in much mickey-taking by Ray's colleagues Len Fairclough and Jerry Booth. Undeterred, Ray bet Len and Jerry that he could get a date with Sue before they finished the job at Silcock's. The next day - with the builders due to finish - Ray removed a vital component from under Sue's bonnet, and then came to the rescue when she couldn't get the engine started, surreptitiously replacing the part he'd taken. When the car roared into life, Ray hopped into the passenger seat, accompanying Sue on a "spin round the block".

A few days into their relationship, Sue and Ray were introduced to each other's worlds. Ray took Sue into the Rovers Return, while Ray met Sue's father Tommy, who surprisingly lacked Sue's airs and graces. After questioning Annie Walker and Len Fairclough about Ray's past, Tommy gave Ray his approval and offered him a job at the firm, starting at the bottom and learning the ropes. Meanwhile, Ray was starting to fall for Sue and asked her to marry him. Viewing their relationship less seriously, Sue didn't give him a response, but after Ray interrupted a date with her painter friend Giles Platting and was rude to him, Sue told Ray she didn't want to marry him or see him anymore as he'd become too serious. A bitter Ray turned down Tommy's job offer and returned to his old life.

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