Summer Spellman
Summer Spellman
Born 2004
Residence 19a Rosamund Street
Father Charlie (biological)
Drew Spellman (adopted)
First appearance 16th June 2017
Number of appearances 49
Played by Matilda Freeman

Summer Spellman is the adopted daughter of Drew Spellman.

Shortly after her birth, her biological father Charlie couldn't cope with the pressures of raising parenting and abandoned her. At some point, she was adopted by Drew Spellman.

In 2017, Drew discovered that he was terminally ill, and so tried to make sure that Summer would have a stable life after his death by trying to set her up with his ex-boyfriend, who happened to be her godfather; Billy Mayhew and his current boyfriend Todd Grimshaw.

While spending the day with Billy and Todd, Drew suffered heart failure as a result of complications with his cancer, and he died at Weatherfield General later that day. A devastated Summer was taken to the hospital by Billy and Todd, but left with Drew's mother - and by definition, her adoptive grandmother - who refused to let Summer see Drew and talked down to Billy and Todd.

In July, Billy and Todd went to Drew's funeral where they saw Summer give a heartfelt eulogy for her father. Following the funeral, Summer visited Barlow Legal Services solicitors in order to sue Drew's doctors for letting him die. While Summer was at the solicitors, she and Todd patched up their differences following a misunderstanding over a joke Todd made about Summer going to a children's home.

Summer continued to visit the solicitors in order to see Todd and Billy. Todd admitted that she was never likely to be able to sue Drew's doctors for negligence but allowed her to keep visiting in order for him to check that she was alright. Todd apologised for misleading Summer and she forgave him, providing that she was allowed to visit Billy and Todd's flat.

When Billy and Todd visited the Spellman house, Summer's grandfather Angus revealed that Drew had edited his will to give Billy and Todd legal guardian rights to Summer. Angus gave Summer the option between staying with her grandparents or going to live with Billy and Todd. She chose the latter and moved into 19a Rosamund Street with them later that day.

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