Episode 3140

Sun Rise Tours desk at Manchester Airport

Sun Rise Tours was a package holiday operator which offered, among others, excursions to Madeira. In 1990, both Alec and Bet Gilroy and Ernie Lumsden booked this holiday through travel agent Rosamund Travel.

Due to an ear infection, Alec sold the holiday to Derek and Mavis Wilton, giving them the letter of entitlement he'd been issued. Upon arriving at the Sun Rise desk at Manchester Airport to collect their tickets which they'd told would be waiting for them, the Wiltons discovered that no tickets had been issued in their or the Gilroys' name and the letter they'd been given was meaningless. Sun Rise desk clerk Mr Tasker spent the day trying to contact Rosamund Travel to clear up the matter, to no avail. He later discovered that it had gone bust and its manager, Mr Wilkinson, had disappeared with the money.

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