Superintendent Registrar 5657
Superintendent Registrar
First appearance 29th December 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Barber

The Superintendent Registrar officiated at the wedding of Ciaran McCarthy and Sunita Parekh in December 2003. Unfortunately, the groom had started to get cold feet, confessing to Tracy Barlow that while he loved Sunita, he didn't want to get married. He even went as far as starting a fight with Dev Alahan on his stag night in order to get arrested by the police and put in the cells overnight but to his annoyance he was released early the next day in plenty of time for ceremony.

Tracy maliciously revealed to Sunita what Ciaran had told her in confidence. He chickened out of confirming his feelings and the couple entered the chamber for the service in a despondent mood. When the Registrar started to speak about the solemnity of the vows that the couple were about to make, Sunita stopped the proceedings and left the room, telling Ciaran it was obvious that to go ahead would be wrong. The next day, Ciaran admitted that Tracy had been telling the truth.

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